Clinton Lake Sailing Association

9:30am-1:00pm on select Saturdays and Sundays

Introductory Lessons include a rigging orientation followed by a sailing lesson with onboard instructor. 

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Introductory Sailing Lesson

This unique on-the-water opportunity is designed to provide a memorable experience that will motivate newcomers to continue sailing.  

Participants will learn with an instructor on a stable Flying Scot provided by CLSA.  

This three-hour lesson is offered to adults (limit 1x) for only $25.  We'll teach sailors how to rig and launch a Flying Scot and then we'll go sailing for the second half of the lesson.  Sign up here

Keep sailing for free!  Sign up to crew on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Crew for Free

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Flying Scot Wednesdays & Thistle Thursdays are FREE and is organized by CLSA's Flying Scot and Thistle sailors on privately-owned sailboats.  Membership is not required.  After completing the introductory lesson,  sailors simply sign up and show.  New sailors are matched with more experienced sailors for maximum learning and maximum fun.  The sailing format on Wednesdays and Thursdays is casual racing.  

Want to take your sailing to the next level?  Become a skipper! 



Skipper Training

Our skipper training program is for sailors who want to take their sailing to the next level.   Sailors are selected from our Wednesday and Thursday sailing programs.   

Click here to view our class guide.

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Start learning to sail right now!  All lesson participants are required to watch Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes before their first lesson.

Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes

Watch Learn to Sail in 10 Minutes before your first on-the-water lesson.  This video was filmed at the Clinton Lake Sailing Association and explains how a sail works and how to adjust the sails depending on boat direction relative to the wind.   You'll learn upwind and downwind sailing basics and how to steer the boat and fine tune the sails.  Understanding sailing basics allows you to more out of your first lesson with an instructor.   

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