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Important CLSA Announcements:

Class is almost in session!

Considering getting into the sport of sailing? CLSA's Intro to Sailing class is a great start! This three week course is the perfect introduction to the world of sailing. Classes will be held at CLSA on our fleet of Lasers and Sunfish. We'll have safety boats and volunteer coaches on hand for safety and support. For more information and to register click the link below!

Intro to Sailing Class Info & Registration

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CLSA, under the tutelage of Vice Commodore Nick Schneider, will hold Race Management Seminars this Spring and throughout the racing season. There are any number of positions that one can study or perform to contribute to a great racing experience.

In the past, for CLSA, many of these positions have been combined. Sometimes combinations work but usually they result it a less than expected experience for the racers and committee both. Join us and find out how important a role you can play in providing an enjoyable day on the lake racing a sailboat.

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The Windword is CLSA's newsletter. It's packed with stories, trivia, facts, pictures, and so much more.

All of our Windword articles are archived here on the website. Give it a look!

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Renew online, by mail, or at the upcoming Spring Banquet. For details on how to renew, please visit:

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Boat Storage Coming to CLSA in 2019!

Click here to access lease agreement: Boat Storage

Here are some FAQs from Commodore, Craig Rost:

· Will I be able to keep my boat in dry-land-storage at the lake?

Yes, we have an agreement in place (being approved this month by the county) to allow dry land storage (mast up or down) as we have in the past.

· When can I park my boat at the lake?

If your boat is there now, that is fine. If not, you can bring it to the lake when you wish and we will catch up to you with a bill and sticker as this gets finalized.

· Where will sailboats be parked?

At present, we will use the same area south of the drive for boat parking and the same rows of parked boats. The arrangement will change over time since we have more land to work with and we will let you know as those changes are planned.

· How much will it cost to park my boat at the lake?

It is $400 for the season, same as last year.

· Where does my rental fee go?

30% of the fee goes to the county and must be spent by them at the lake or marina. 70% goes to CLSA for maintenance and upgrades to our facilities.

· Whom do I contact about sailboat storage?

For CLSA member sailboats interested in dry land storage, in the short term contact Commodore, Craig Rost: 217-493-5773 or Harbormaster, Tim Robert: Long term we will have a sign-up process and information about rental and renewal.

· Whom do I contact about slip, mooring ball, or power boat dry-land storage?

Those rentals are handled by Clinton Lake Marina. Please contact new marina operator, Joe Caldwell, at 217-736-2565. If no answer, please leave a message and he will return your call. You can also send an email to

2018 Season Rewind Video is here!

Take a look back at some of this season's highlights at CLSA!