Smackdown Invitational

One of the most friendly rivalries around is between Flying Scot Fleet #135 of Clinton Lake Sailing Association and Flying Scot Fleet #83 of Carlyle Sailing Association.

Each year, we gather for the 47th Annual Smackdown Regatta (and yes, EVERY year it's still the 47th Annual). While this is not a full-weekend regatta, it's still packed with food, fun, friendship, and of course RACING!

The real prize is bragging rights but the fleet that does the best overall takes home the coveted, Smackdown Belt. A gorgeous, bedazzed, weight belt which is almost as good as bragging rights. The winner of the Smackdown also hosts the next year's Smackdown.

So far, I don't think there has been a Smackdown at Carlyle Sailing Association, but you never know, that could change!