New in 2019, no skippers' meeting prior to racing. To help the Race Committee streamline the scoring process please complete the CLSA Racer Information Form.

Buoy Races

About eight weekend days between May and October are reserved for buoy races. The race committee will schedule the start for the first of 3 or 4 races at 1 PM, depending on conditions. We do not meet at the pavilion beforehand but check in on the water with the race committee boat by sailing past its stern on starboard and calling out your sail number and boat type. There will be three separate starts: Flying Scots, open dinghy start, and a start for cabin boats. The start horn for the first start serves as the warning signal (the beginning of the five-minute count down) to the second start, and so on. The race course is typically a windward/leeward course, though details will be posted on a magnetic board on the RC boat’s stern. Wind conditions will dictate the number of laps. Race committee will organize the laps so that slower classes of boats do fewer laps in order to all finish closer together and not require boats to wait for a long period of time between races. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. We will provide friendly help and advice with the basic rules. Our racing is good-natured. Good sportsmanship is the rule.

Distance Series

The distance series is similar to the triangle series as it likewise involves about 8 weekend days throughout the season. The course is a loop about 11 nautical miles long and provides a very scenic round trip of Clinton Lake. Prior to each distance race, we hold a skipper's meeting at noon at the CLSA pavilion. The race committee determines race course details which depend on weather conditions. The start of each race is scheduled for 1 PM and usually includes cabin boats, Flying Scots, and a mixed fleet.

Captain Morgan Regatta

Typically held over Memorial Day weekend, the Captain Morgan Regatta is a popular two-day distance racing affair. The racing is combined with social activities and a Sunday morning brunch.

Laser Sunfish Challenge

This regatta is one of the club’s championship series. Skippers from the various fleets compete on a level basis in Laser, Banshee or Sunfish sailboats. Those who do not have their own boat, can reserve one of the CLSA fleet boats for the event.

Vicki Cup Triangle Championship

This event is the championship regatta for the triangle races. Sailors are divided into 2 fleets, cabin boat fleet and a one design fleet. Races are scored using the Portsmouth Handicap system.

Vicki Cup Distance Championship

This event is the distance race championship regatta. This race is typically sailed by cabin boats. Races are scored using the Portsmouth Handicap system.

Wednesday Practices

Every Wednesday Night from April through September, the Flying Scots compete in a series of informal and fun races from 6pm to dusk. Our racing coordinator helps match skipper and crew so all you have to do is RSVP and show up and start setting up the boat by 5:30pm. Fleet instructors provide free lessons and coaching and will train you on the basics with an emphasis on safety and fun. The Flying Scot is the quintessential training and development boat as it is a comfortable and stable learning platform. The Flying Scots will typically attract 8-12 boats every Wednesday night and serves to build team camaraderie and help improve our sailing skills and better prepare us for regatta racing. You can google flying scot fleet 135 to find our YouTube page with helpful videos and go to the club page on Flying Scots to learn more. To contact the fleet, email

Thursday Night Sailing

Thistle Fleet 66 sails on the water on Thursday evenings from May to October. These informal races, which start at 6pm and run until dusk, are intended to work on crew development and tune racing skills for regional and national events. Thistle Thursday night sailing is open to anyone interested in sailing on a high-performance sailboat. For more information, please contact Gerry Christman -

Racing Rules

Our racing focuses on fun, low stress, education, and more fun. General racing rules may be found below:

Starting Sequence

A video tutorial of the CLSA starting sequence including countdown, flags, and more.

Rules of the Starting Sequence

Often the most intimidating part of racing, the rules of the starting sequence can be confusing. This video breaks it down to an easy to understand and manageable

Starting Basics in Action

A great drone video with analysis of a real race starting sequence.

Windward Mark Roundings

Taking inside the zone? Who has overlap? A helpful video guide to successful windward roundings without committing a foul.

Windward Mark Roundings in Action

Can you spot the foul? Help yourself avoid fouls at the windward mark with this helpful video.

Leeward Mark Roundings

You've made it to the leeward mark. Great! Now what? Who has rights? Which way do you have to round the mark? Check out this video to see what you and other racers should do at the leeward mark.