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Clinton Lake Sailing Association

Starting Clinic

  • Sun, May 16, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • CLSA


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Event:  Starting Clinic

More fun than racing!   All boat types welcome.  

Starting clincis bring everyone together for maximum fun and maximum close-quartered action.  We do not award prizes, but we promise you’ll walk away with more experience navigating the congestion at the start and mark soundings.  Before we hit the water, racers will meet in the bar at Barefoot Cove Marina to discuss tips, rules applications, and tactics.   


Flying Scot Fleet Fleet 135, Thistle Fleet 66


10:00am - Meet at Barefoot Cove Marina Bar/TV

1:00pm - Meet at the CLSA Pavilion for hot dogs and Q&A


  1. Discuss rules and strategy in the bar at Barefoot Cove Marina.  

  2. All boat types are welcome and all boats start together.  

  3. Run 3x 5-min starts on a square line back to back.  All boats start together.  

  4. Set up a very short windward leeward course 

  5. Run an upwind start and instruct racers to race around the windward mark and return to the starting.   

  6. Run a downwind start and instruct racers to race around the leeward mark and sail to starboard lay line before tacking back to the starting area.  All boats start together.  Only raise spinnakers after the start.  

  7. If we’re done for the day, return to the pavilion,  Else, go back to step 5 and keep having fun.   

After the fun, we’ll meet at the CLSA pavilion for hot dogs and Q&A.  

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