CLSA is a great place to practice social distancing! To ensure the safety of our members and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of practices have been put into place for the 2020 season. As a club and individual members, the Clinton Lake Sailing Association will follow the federal guidelines plus all state and local requirements. Masks must be worn at all times while on the dock and anywhere on our property when someone cannot avoid being within 6 feet of another person.

Learn to Sail at CLSA

We are currently offering learn to sail opportunities for beginner sailors. Join CLSA ($70 Individual/$95 Family) and choose one of our member learning options below. Please visit our Go Sailing! page for more details on all of our education and development programs.

Develop Your Skills

After learning the basics, CLSA Members can sign up one of our three weekday development programs. These are free for members. Visit the Go Sailing page and sign up today!

Small Boat Clinics and Workshops

Our small boat instructor team offers clinics and workshops throughout the season.

Learn to Sail in 60 Minutes

This free video teaches you everything you need to know to sail safely from point A to point B. You can purchase the textbook Learn Sailing Right Beginning Sailing and follow along.

CLSA Laser Rigging Video

Here is how we rig a laser at the Clinton Lake Sailing Sailing Association.

Rigging with Rod Clinics

Everyone who participates in the Flying Scot Learn to Sail Program will attend two Rigging with Rod clinics with Fleet 135 Fleet Captain Rod. Each 2-hour session will focus on rigging the boat, trailering the boat, launching the boat at the dock, and storing the boat properly for next use. Sign up here.

Regional Education Programs

Mid Illini Sail and Power Squadron/America's Boating Club

Visit their website for a full list of classes and dates. Offerings include, Weather, Sailing, Boater Safety, Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, and more! Don't miss out on their next flotilla to the British Virgin Islands!

Online Learning

Crew Training Videos for Flying Scot

Sailing Knots

  1. The Perfect Cleat Hitch

  2. Best Way to Tie a Bowline Knot

  3. How to Tie a Stopper Knot

US Sailing Instructor Certification

Educate and inspire sailors, become a certified instructor today! US Sailing offers certification courses for instructors and coaches on a wide range of boats at varying levels of expertise. Courses range from 1 to 5 days, and are hosted by boating programs around the country, year-round. US Sailing Instructor Certification Page.

Learn the Rules of Racing

Learn the Rules of Racing with sailing expert Dave Dellenbaugh ($50). Visit to access his online training videos and start learning the rules today.

Helpful Books

Learn Sailing Right - Beginner. Textbook used in CLSA Introduction to Sailing class.

Learn Sailing right - Intermediate.

Laser Training Manuel by Dr. John R. Anderson

ASA textbook links:

Getting Started in Sailboat Racing by Adam Cort

The Rules in Practice by Bryan Willils - This book is excellent for learning the rules of racing

Winning in One-Designs by Dave Perry

Sailboat Racing with Greg Fisher by Tom Hubbell.

Positioning, The Logic of Sailboat Racing by Stuart H. Walker - This is an advanced text and suitable for the experienced racer.

Schools and Resources for Women Sailors:


Get your Boater Safety Certificate: Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Take a CPR course: Red Cross of Central and Southern Illinois

The US Coast Guard's page has many links to different safety courses: USCG Boater Safety Courses