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Race Results from Chris Wojnar

posted May 15, 2013, 2:44 PM by Robert Miller
This past Saturday initiated the CLSA racing season with the annual Windsurfing Regatta ..After many frustrating years of "not enough"wind the wind gods "smiled" and dropped the hammer huge 30 mile and hour gusts through the treelinesand made for quite the spectacle on a triangle course set up by race committee Jerry Christman.[incredible how Jerry was willing to "single hand" the committee boat in these conditions..amazing guy!].It took double anchors on all marks and the committee boat to hold them fast throughout the blustery afternoon as the tops of the waves whitecaps were blowing spray everywhere.Thirteen participants signed in but only five were left by the end of the day.
What made it especially tough is the wind would "die down" to 15 mph and then the dark waters would come roaring at 30 throwing racers off balance and fatiquing every bone in their bodies.Four races were run and at the end of the day  victory went to Steve Rayburn hailing from Kokomo,Indiana using a HUGE 9 meter sail! After a slow fourth place start in the first race he "figured it out" and quickly moved up to second and finally first place finishes in the last two races.Our own veteran of international racing Hugh Roberson was excellent and consistant in the huge puffs and finished second despite losing his Mast at the start of the second race! Rick Wojnar close on his heels in third.He did his best sailing between races gybing back and fourth on fast reaches while others sat in the water to rest.Host Frank Scottello was fourth but really put on a show going airborn many times as he blasted over waves at  the starting line" to windward" without a centerboard!Kudos go to Frank Scottello's son Michael who was out there for the first time and completed  the first race before withdrawing. Perry Biddle was fifth while his co-hort Ken Moyer "torpedoed" the committee boat more than once as he suffered equipment failure throughout the day and had to withdraw in frustration.Ken has been spending most of his time of late"flying" over the water not plowing through it [using his Kite sailing apparatus]. Reminder this Sunday marks the beginning of the regular CLSA racing season[a triangle] yours truly will be race committee..hope to see you all at the starting line.