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July 12 CLSA Triangle Race Report by Chris Wojnar

posted Jul 12, 2015, 6:20 PM by Ruth Ann Vokac

It was highly doubtful at first whether the eight boats registered were going to race. The skies were clearing but only patches of wind on the water could be seen.  After much high level discussion and doubtful debate, the committee boat set off from Toland's dock [recently ravaged by high water flooding] to set a W-4 course just west of the pavilion, far enough out to dodge the numerous motor boats gunning down the lake.

The committee boat continues evolving into quite the high tech boat  with a new electronic starting horn and sequencer that just requires the press of a button! First time race committee Harvey Young got to experience the new hardware, and he did a marvelous job setting an almost perfect windward /Leeward course with the help of Dick Hanson in unpredictable wind conditions. Despite all the forecasts for light wind out of the northwest, the actual wind was steady out of the south all day at about 8mph.

The first race was won by the ever-improving Eric Bussell despite being behind Ben Williams at the favored "pin-end" start and tacking ahead of the fleet. Chris Tesdal also did well in the first race right on the heels of Eric at the finish as he and recent bride Stephanie made it look easy. 

The second and third races were dominated by Ben and Deb as they showed their championship form finding the right side of the course and "covering" the fleet. Bill Vokac deserves special mention as he was right behind Ben throughout the last race after Bill got the best start of the day and beating three other Scots [he and his crew flew their Spinnaker perfectly]!

 Ben and Deb won the overall competition in the Scot fleet.  Synergy [Capri 22] skippered by Gerry Christman took first in the cabin boats with Joe Budden in second and Bryan and Angie Hunt third. The committee boat had its own excitement as the occupants on board, not paying attention to things around them, got repeatedly hit by large rolling waves created by nearby motored yachts, once lifting  the pontoon boat up and Chris Wojnar out of the reclining chair he was relaxing in, dumping him unceremoniously onto the floor of the committee boat.  Pictures may have been taken of that! -Stay tuned. . . .