Windsurf Regatta

The Windsurf/Kitesurf Regatta will be held on one of the following days:


The cost is $10 for non-CLSA members and free for current CLSA members.

CLSA is planned to be planning a windsurf/kitesurf racing event to be held TBD Four days have been set aside to accommodate this one-day event in the hopes that at least one of those days will have appropriate conditions. The event will be "called on" at least one day ahead of the event based on the weather forecasts. "Appropriate" conditions mean that the winds will be at least 12 knots (about 14 mph) and out of a direction that will allow participants to get to/from the course. A course is intended to be set to allow a cross-wind course, and as long as possible (probably 2 to 3 miles around). The start/finish line will be in line with the race course with a committee boat on the upwind side and a buoy on the downwind side. Racers will take the buoy at the other end of the course to port (round the mark counter clockwise) and return to the start/finish line. The course will be set up ahead of time to allow racers to practice.

The 5 minute starting sequence will be standard for CLSA races, starting windsurfers first and that start will be the beginning of the 5 minute sequence for kiteboarders. Windsurfers can use any rigs (except hydrofoils) and kiteboarders will be restricted to twin-tip, non-hydrofoil boards. One to three races will be run depending on conditions. Trophies will be available for the first three finishers in each category.

Please forward your email address to Jim Westervelt at to ensure that you receive status information on the races, especially when the races will be "called on."