Clinton Lake Sailing Association

Rigging lessons are free and a great way to get introduced to sailing at CLSA



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     Saturdays at 9:30am

Rigging Lessons

Our free rigging lessons are offered every week all season long.   RSVP is required.   Our instructors will show you how to connect to the trailer, unpack the boat, rig the sails, launch the boat and hoist the sails on a Flying Scot.  

New sailors interested in taking an introductory sailing lesson on a Flying Scot must attend at least one rigging lesson before attending an on-the-water sailing lesson.   

Try Sailing for only $25 per person! 


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Sailing Lessons with Onboard Instructor

Try sailing for only $25 per person!  Our instructors offer sailing lessons every week all season long.  Sign up for an introductory lesson.  Limit 1 per person.  

Continue sailing for free by signing up to crew at Flying Scot Wednesdays or Thistle Thursdays.   

Before attending your first sailing lesson, all sailors must attend at least one free rigging clinic. and watch Learn to Sail in 60 Minutes.   

Keep sailing for free!  Sign up to crew on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  Crew Training

     Flying Scot Wednesdays
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     Thistle Thursdays  

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Flying Scot Wednesdays and Thistle Thursdays is FREE and is sponsored by Flying Scot Fleet #135 and Thistle Fleet #66.  Newer sailors who have taken an introductory lessons are matched with experienced sailors for maximum learning and maximum fun.  Both fleets offer free crew training and placement.  The format for Wednesdays and Thursdays is (very) casual racing on a short course followed by snacks and beverages.

Want to take your sailing to the next level?  Become a skipper! 

Flying Scot


Skipper Training - FS

Flying Scot Fleet 135 sponsors a skipper selection and training program. Once qualified, skippers can sail fleet development boats or borrow select private boats on Wednesdays and during weekend club events.  Boat ownership is not required.  


  1. CLSA membership is required.
  2. Show up and show improvement on Wednesdays.
  3. Proficient - sailing knots.
  4. Proficient - rigging and launching.
  5. Proficient - spinnaker handling.
  6. Knowledge - passed skipper exam.

Skipper Training:

  • 3-4 lessons with instructor until certified
  • Capsize recovery under controlled conditions

Get started right now by watching our free YouTube class

Learn to Sail in 60 Minutes

Learn to Sail in 60 Minutes

In this 60-minute video, Eric will teach you everything you need to know to sail from point A to point B.   The boat in the video is a Flying Scot, the same boat used to teach CLSA sailing lessons.  Learn to Sail in 60 Minutes can be taken by anyone, whether preparing for an on-the-water learning program or those interested in learning more about the sport.  Page numbers are referenced in the video so you can easily follow along in textbook.  

Recommend Textbook: 
Learn Sailing Right - Beginning Sailing 

US Sailing also offers a digital version of the text if you don't want to wait.  

Watching these training videos before and after learning sessions help you go a long way faster.

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