Contact Info & Board of Directors

If you have any questions about CLSA please don't hesitate to ask! The best way to contact us is through email at .

Please know that CLSA runs 100% on volunteer effort. We try to answer emails and communications as quickly as possible when time allows.

Another way to reach us is through Facebook. We will respond to Facebook Messenger as well! Don't forget to "like" our page while you're there!

2019 Board of Directors

Craig Rost


Nick Schneider

Vice Commodore

Phil Christman

Rear Commodore

Lynette Puckett


Dick Hanson


Deb Aronson

Race Committee Chairman

Tim Robert


Gerry Christman

Education Committee Chairman

Susan McIntyre

Publicity Committee Chairman

Heather Johnson

Membership Committee Chairman

Andrea Kendall

Social Committee Chairman