Casual Wednesdays

Casual Wednesdays

CLSA Member RSVP - Click Here (Free). Casual Wednesdays is Clinton Lake's most popular sailing program. Sailors develop their sailing skills in a fun and educational casual one-design racing format. All CLSA members are welcome! Boat ownership or fleet membership is not required. Simply RSVP and our coordinator will assign skipper and crew for maximum learning and maximum fun. Sailors are assigned to privately owed Flying Scots. Non members can participate by signing up for a Free Sailing Lesson.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: RSVP before Midnight on Tuesday evening

Step 2: Check your email on Wednesday morning for boat assignments.

Step 3: Go Sailing!

Perfect for couples!

The Flying Scot is perfect for sailing couples. This comfortable and stable boat is easy to sail by two people, but there's plenty of room to bring friends and family. Ben and Deb (in video) make it look easy and coach newer sailors every Wednesday night.