Boat Storage

CLSA offers dry land storage for CLSA Members.

We are set up for Dry Land Storage stickers. This is storage for your principle sailboat and trailer stored in the CLSA parking area. The fee is $400 for the year (70% of that amount is retained by CLSA and is the same price as previous years). Several people have asked about other categories of boat storage (boats for-sale, education boats, development boats, etc) - the CLSA Board will take that question up at the next board meeting and inform boat owners if a policy is adopted to create other categories and how to apply for them. In the meantime, you can get your sticker for conventional storage now.

How To: (the form is attached below and and on request by sending an email to

1. Fill out the form and sign it (see instructions below); 2. make a copy of your boat liability insurance policy; 3. Include a check for $400 to CLSA (put dry storage 2019 on the memo line); 5. Make sure you are a current member of CLSA; 6. Mail the form, insurance copy, and check to:

Dick Hanson, 313 Mecherle Dr., Bloomington, IL 61701 (or give these documents to Dick, Tim Robert or Craig at the lake, if more convenient)

When Dick verifies membership status, receives your form, insurance copy and check, he will assign the sticker number and send you a copy of the executed agreement and your sticker in the mail.

To download the lease in PDF form please click in the upper right hand corner of the document below. It will open the PDF in another window. From there you can either download the document to your computer or print it.

You can also click here: and then download or print it.

Dry Land CLSA Agreement 2019 Final (1).pdf


· Will I be able to keep my boat in dry-land-storage at the lake?

Yes, we have an agreement in place to allow dry land storage (mast up or down) as we have in the past.

· When can I park my boat at the lake?

If your boat is there now, that is fine. If not, you can bring it to the lake when you wish and we will catch up to you with a bill and sticker as this gets finalized.

· Where will sailboats be parked?

At present, we will use the same area south of the drive for boat parking and the same rows of parked boats. The arrangement will change over time since we have more land to work with and we will let you know as those changes are planned.

· How much will it cost to park my boat at the lake?

It is $400 for the season, same as last year.

· Where does my rental fee go?

30% of the fee goes to the county and must be spent by them at the lake or marina. 70% goes to CLSA for maintenance and upgrades to our facilities.

· Whom do I contact about sailboat storage?

For CLSA member sailboats interested in dry land storage, in the short term contact Commodore, Craig Rost: 217-493-5773 or Harbormaster, Tim Robert: ATTN: Harbormaster. Long term we will have a sign-up process and information about rental and renewal.

· Whom do I contact about slip, mooring ball, or power boat dry-land storage?

Those rentals are handled by Clinton Lake Marina. Please contact new marina operator, Joe Caldwell, at 217-736-2565. If no answer, please leave a message and he will return your call. You can also send an email to You can also visit their website at: Barefoot Cove Marina at Clinton Lake