Descriptions of regularly planned and past events

Strictly Sail

This event kicks off the new year and gets everyone enthused for the upcoming sailing season. CLSA heads to Chicago and makes an appearance at Strictly Sail and then regroups for dinner to conclude our journey to the windy city.

The Valley Forge Forage

This late February hike lets us enjoy the lake from a different perspective, and it provides an opportunity for club members to serve the public and have fun. We meet at Mascoutin State Park's Houseboat Cove hiking trail. The 2.5 mile hike takes about an hour. We enjoy the scenery, the wildlife, and each others company. We also make it a point to pick up any trash we might find along the way. Following the hike, there's always time for a hot chocolate.

Spring Banquet

We gather together to praise the passing of the ice, snow, slush, and darkness. Then, listen to sailing presentations, feast with our endeared friends and party with anticipation of the coming sailing season.

Spring Work Day

We all look forward to work day because it marks the beginning of summer fun. We prepare the pavilion, reconstruct and launch the committee boat, clean up the area, repair the dock, and stabilize the shoreline. Of course, we earn a cookout the same day.

Open House

The open house is an opportunity to "show off" our club. We hope to attract new members and build a positive representation of sailing in Central Illinois.

Women's Sailing Clinic

The ladies and daughters share sailing with friends, while the men stay off the boats, man the galley (literally), and prepare a wonderful barbecue meal. Instruction starts early afternoon and is followed by sailing and an evening meal. Often this event is held on the 4th of July and is great fun for all!

Moonlight Sails

Several evenings are scheduled throughout the summer months for a cookout followed by a near full-moon sailing experience. The cookout begins at 6PM and sailing follows as your spirit moves you. The lake is great by night. It's fun to watch satellites and stars.


At this event the party is taken out to the lake. We tie our boats together and share good times.

Youth Sailing Day

In late July we have a special day to make sailing especially fun for all the kids that show up. We teach them some sailing or just go for rides. We try to open the event to non-sailors as an introduction to the great world of sailing.

Dock Walk

This is a chance to go to the docks and check out the cabin boat fleet, as well as socialize. Many times we spend time sailing on our own boats and don't get a chance to see the other fine boats that make up our club.

Venetian Night

The entire CLSA fleet becomes decorated with lights and fanciful themes as it parades across the lake after a wonderful steak dinner at the pavilion.

Commodore's Feast

This is an event for the CLSA board members to serve the club members a dinner. The feast consists of a steak and potato dinner with extra accommodations (salads/deserts/refreshments) by other members.

Fall Work Day

This final work day lets us reflect on the good times and prepare the committee boat and pavilion for the winter. Many of us plan to pull our boats on this day so there's plenty of help around when you have to drop that mast.

Fall Banquet

We hold our fall banquet either in Bloomington/Normal or Champaign/Urbana. For this event, we dress up in our best sailing ties and jewelry, we feast, and remember the past year. The highlight of the evening is recognizing our club's achievements with trophies for racing, sportsmanship, service, and folly.

Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial

On November 9, 1975 the SS Edmund Fitzgerald became the largest ship to sink on North America's Great Lakes. In her tenure, she served hauling Iron ore from Minnesota to Detroit and Toledo. While her loss is still debated to this day we recognize this anniversary with the ringing of a brass bell and reading of the names of the 29 men lost at sea that evening.

Farmer City Christmas Parade

Get in the holiday spirit by joining us in the Farmer City Christmas parade!

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