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Many CLSA Hands: Come to Fall Work Day!

posted Oct 14, 2013, 3:36 PM by Ruth Ann Vokac   [ updated Oct 17, 2013, 9:12 AM ]

Harbormaster Dick Hanson has put together a list of things we need to do this coming Saturday.  Hope to see you there!

Fall Cleanup Day 10.19.13  Start time 10:00 a.m.

1.  Lawn and beach – One last time use the weed whacker on the beach to cut off all the weed growth - leave the grass.  Mow one last time whole area (under the Scots, also) if it needs it.     

2.  Pile picnic tables toward the East side under the roof.  Store tables at a tilt so melt water will drain off seats and table tops.  Take down all pennants and give to Gerry C.   

3.  Put the 2 Banshees bottom side up on their trailer, remove any water from the hull and store under the pavilion roof.   Place the 2 dollies in the shed. 

4.  Put the 2 Sunfish on their trailer - bottom side up and remove any hull water.  Put their trailers under the pavilion roof.  I will be making 2 new dollies for next season – disassemble the 2 Sunfish ramps – what to do with the parts?

5.  Ray Green – take down the mast, put a good canvas over the top and store under the pavilion roof with drain plug removed.  Block up all trailer axles so the weight is not on the tires – there are wood blocks in the shed.  Make sure the boats are not under the roof drainage. 

6.  Toland Dock – Put the bolts back in the top of the posts – they are in the shed.  This will protect the dock from rising to the top or over the top during the Winter or early Spring floods when we are not visiting the marina.  Wrenches needed.  

7.  Committee boat – Coil up all lines and hang inside console, remove life jackets, flag box and clean up console cabinet.  I will take the battery to my house again for the Winter. Take down the mast.  Coordinate with Greg to use his trailer to pull the boat from the lake and to get the motor winterized.  Later I will tow the boat to Tom and Debbie Yeagle’s place in Farmer City to park it alongside their cabin boat.   

8.  Shed - remove latex paint, remove fluids that should not freeze from shed, put mouse bait boxes in shed (I will bring), put sails in sail locker, add Stabil (I will bring) to any gas in tanks.  

9.  Pavilion – Remove any food, race material, charcoal briquets, put out mice bait boxes, put Weber grills inside.    

10.  Firewood pile – Re-stack the wood and put a secure tarp over it for the Winter.   

The more helpers we have the less time this will take!

Lunch is planned at Monicals in Clinton after the work is finished!