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CLSA Spring Workday — April 25

posted Apr 19, 2015, 1:37 PM by Ruth Ann Vokac   [ updated Aug 1, 2015, 8:42 PM by CLSA Sailing ]
CLSA Members and Friends,

Please join other sailing enthusiasts 
at the Clinton Lake Sailing Association Pavilion April 25 from 9 am to 12:30 pm 
to ready our sailing area for the summer activities.  

Dick Hanson, our harbormaster, will suggest tasks for everyone:

CLSA Boats – assemble dollies, pump up tires, clean out boats, hoist mast on Ray Green, check lines, sails, rudders, dagger boards, hull stickers?  Hanson will bring compressed air tank for low tires.  Need rags to clean off Ray Green, new cover for summer?

Pavilion – reset tables for use, wet rag wipe off tops and benches, clean chalk board, clean up store room.  Yeagles have donated two 5’ benches – where to put them?

Dock – clean off with bucket of water, broom if needed.  Leave bolts in post tops till after the spring rains.  I will investigate the low west end when I work on the dock this summer.

Boat Launch Ramp – clean off debris, move rock from pile onto sandy portion of ramp.  Hanson will bring a wheel borrow, shovels, garden rake. 

Beach – pick up, saw long log into pieces for fire wood.  Chain saw some brush along waters edge west of large trees. 

Mast Raising Pole – check knots and inspect line for any small damage.  Hang weight to test (need 2 heavy persons to stand on a tied loop).

Committee Boat – boat will be in the slip with repaired roof - clean out cabinet, put life preservers onboard, flags, 2 chairs, get ready to use.  Make reminder sign for boat operator to ALWAYS raise the motor after use – to keep moss from forming on lower unit!!!

Shed – sweep out inside, check on race buoys and air pump.  “Evaluate items to throw out.   Install new larger pulley on line under the roof to raise race buoys – Hanson. 

Road – fill in depressions so water doesn’t puddle – use pea gravel from east piles. 

Grounds – rake leaves away from pavilion, level ground where the firewood previously was stacked – plant grass seed and put fence around new grass seed area, pick up branches, clean up fire pit, chain saw small trees next to evergreens.  Hanson will bring chain saw, grass seed, garden rake, leaf rake.  How to water grass to get it started??  Restack firewood.   

Lawn Mowers – change oil, sharpen blades, get fresh gas, gas mix for weed whacker, get more string for weed whacker.  Hanson will bring new gas, string. 

Lake Side Bench – use wheel borrow to move pea gravel to fill in low, wet path. Paint bench.

Sign Post at the Bottom of Hill – use post-hole digger to reinstall existing post and sign.  Hanson will bring a digger. 

Cooking Grill – clean out old ashes, try out new canopy over grill – Hanson will bring.

Flag Pole – Last spring a good RUST-OLEUM paint was put on for a good base coat.  Next a good finish enamel coat is needed.  Bryan will bring ladders and paint. 

SeaTow Foundation Life Jacket Loaner Station – If available - install next to marina launch ramp.  Dig a hole and install.  Put extra life preservers in overhead of shed. 

Tree over Pavilion Roof – Take it down now?  We need to be planting replacement trees.  Where can we get some cheap 6’ trees?  

While Dick will bring most tools and supplies necessary for jobs, 
please bring some of the following: cleaning materials, a bucket, broom, materials for making a small sign, 
and anything else you would like to accomplish one of the tasks above.  

Around noon , Debbie Yeagle will serve her famous, delicious homemade soup.  
Please bring a veggie relish tray, fruit bowl, crackers and or chips, cookies or brownies, and any drinks you want.  
Debbie will provide sugar-free lemonade and water.  

Instead of a dish for lunch, Debbie suggested someone might want to bring some donut holes and coffee for the morning start.  

If you know what you are going to bring a day or so ahead, email Debbie at wildflwrfarm@yahoo.com so she can assure we have a good variety.  

Workdays are fun:  We work together to accomplish lots of tasks, socialize and eat well! 
 Come join us!!

CLSA Spring Work Day