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CLSA Harbor Master, Dick Hanson, Plans CLSA Fall Workday

posted Oct 12, 2015, 4:05 PM by CLSA Sailing   [ updated Nov 11, 2015, 4:16 PM ]

CLSA Fall Workday  —  Saturday, October 24    

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

    Please plan to come help get CLSA ready for winter!
Many hands make light work.

Dick Hanson has set a list of priorities for CLSA Workday:

1.      Pavilion – First take down the flags carefully, stack them and get them to Gerry Christman (who will NOT be at the work day).  Stack the tables on a tilt so snow and water will not sit on top.  The Ray Green and a Sun Fish on a trailer will be stored on the west end under the pavilion roof.  Block up the axles of the 2 trailers.  Clean out the “office of anything the mice can destroy.”  Potted plants? 


2.      Firewood – Restack the firewood next to the shed.  The wood is up against the shed wall not letting the rain runoff the roof to the ground.  It would be better for the shed wall to keep it dry.  


3.      Committee Boat – We need to get the boat ready to be set outside at the Yeagles.  Clean out the cabinet items that need to be put indoors.  What should we do about the solar panel on the roof – cover it against the sunlight?  I will take both batteries to my house for winter storage.  The boat motor will be winterized by the Marina at a later date. 


4.      Shed – Straighten up the items and throw out anything not used.  The 3 dollies – take apart at the T for easier storage in the shed.  Life preservers need to be cleaned and hung up for drying.  Maybe we need to take them to a member’s house for cleaning.  Put stable in the mower gas tanks and remove gas from cans – use fresh gas in the spring. 


5.      Boats on Outside rack – Make sure all are empty of water that could freeze.  Tie down all 8 boats to their shelf against wind.  Check all storage tubes so they are tight against rain water.  The Ray Green needs a new tarp for a winter cover.  I will get a tarp.    


6.      Pavilion Eave Trough – I will have wood supports – 2x4s - screwed to the two north trusses.  Then the 5” eave trough will be screwed to the top of the outer end of the 2x4s.  With a few persons we will assemble the 50’ trough and lift it up into place in one piece and screw it down to the 2x4’s.  The downspout will be on the east end.  We also need to remove the old rotten truss on the NE corner of the “office” and replace it with a 2x10-18’.  With a few guys we should be able to attach it to the beam ends.  I will bring another stepladder.  We will need 2 more 6 or 8 foot stepladders.  


7.      Rototill and Plant Grass Seed -   Where the old wood pile was located, we need to level off the ground hopefully with a rototiller and plant grass seed.  If anyone has a rototiller that we can use, please let me know and bring it Sat, Oct. 24


8.      North side of Pavilion – We need to lower the ground on the north side of the pavilion so water runs east and not thru the “office.”  I will bring a wheel borrow and shovel. 


9.      Dead Trees North of the F/S – We need to saw up the tree that was dragged into the grass.  Throw the pieces north over the piles of dirt and pea gravel. 


10.  New Tree Plantings – This fall we need to plant a couple of new trees for future shade.  One needs to be planted just east of the ash tree stump. 


11.  Dock East end Section – This fall while the lake level is low and before the spring high water, we need to replace the end section and add better flotation.  This will not be done during the work day but should be “discussed that morning”- how to do it, where to do it and who can help.  At least 2 new floats are needed to replace the water logged existing Styrofoam.  Cost may be $450 for 2 black molded seamless floats – like the ones used under the rest of the dock - plus new lumber.       


15-10-24 Fall Workday