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Volunteer and Elected Positions

The CLSA Board of Directors

The board consists of four officers (elected by the membership at the fall banquet), a rear commodore, and a group of committee heads appointed by the officers.  The board meets monthly to attend to all of the business behind all of the fun, typically at a location between Bloomington and Champaign-Urbana.  Download the by-laws (below) for the formal information.

CLSA Officers

Commodore, Vice-commodore, Rear-commodore

The commodore coordinating the work of all the other board positions. The vice-commodore is an elected position and it is mainly a commodore-in-training position as the vice becomes commodore in the following year. To help with continuity, the retiring commodore takes the rear-commodore position the year after serving as commodore.  The rear commodore is not an officer.

Secretary and Treasurer

These elected positions require note taking at board meetings and management of club finances.

CLSA Committees

The main role of the committee chairs is to coordinate the efforts of club members to organize and run activities and events.

Race Committee Chair

This position sets the race schedule, organizes volunteers to run races and regattas and tallies the results of the race season for awards and trophies at the end of the season.

Membership Committee Chair

This person organizes others to bring in new members and retain old members.

Social/Day Sailing Committee Chair

This position is responsible for coordinating others to arrange for and manage social functions.

Publicity Committee Chair

This person coordinates the sharing of information to the membership and the public. In the past this has been done via a newsletter and website.

Education Committee Chair

This position coordinates volunteers to provide opportunities for junior members of the club to learn and practice new skills through workshops, practice sessions, clinics, and workshops.

Harbor Facilities Committee Chair (Harbormaster)

The harbormaster identifies to the board actions needed to maintain the facilities and then organizes volunteers to carry out these actions. Historically this involves organizing and coordinating spring and fall workdays and then tracking the condition of the facilities throughout the sailing season.

Fleet Manager

This position is under the Harbor Facilities Committee. It associated with our growing fleet of boats available to members. Volunteers are coordinated to maintain the fleet, track the use of the fleet, and recommend repair expenditures to the board.