Adopt A Plank

If you've been to any CLSA event in the last few years, you've certainly noticed the growth. The Flying Scot Fleet has exploded and has a fleet of 17 at CLSA, growing from 5. The Thistle Fleet has over doubled in size. More members are getting cabin boats for family fun. The growth has been incredible, however, with great growth comes a few growing pains. We've outgrown our dock and we need to expand. 
CLSA currently has a permit that allows us to extend the dock and we'd like to move on that project as soon as we can. However, over the past couple of years we've done some major projects such as adding a water line, building a shed extension, and installing a new, concrete launch ramp. This has left our dock and grounds fund pretty depleted yet our need for the dock extension is serious. 

Eric Bussell proposed a neat idea on the CLSA Forum and created the "Adopt A Plank" fundraiser. For $100 and individual or family can have their name engraved/burned/etched onto a dock plank in recognition of their generous contribution to the project.
The response from the forum was incredible and in less than 48 hours we had pledges of $3300. It's clear that our membership sees the need for the new dock and we're incredibly humbled by the support. The estimate for completing the new sections of the dock is around $4000, so we're ALMOST there! 

At the March 2018 Board of Directors meeting the dock expansion was officially recognized as our next big project. The top part of the new ramp will be completed soon and it's fully funded, so as soon as that work is done and the dock is fully funded, construction will begin. 

If you're interested in Adopting a Plank you can do so two ways: 
First, you can pay via PayPal by clicking the link below. 
Second, you can mail a check to the CLSA Treasurer, Dick Hanson at:
313 Mecherle Drive, Bloomington, IL 61701