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The Marina agrees to allow CLSA to use a section of property roughly defined by the following: That part of Lot H35B of the Replat of Illinois Power Company's Addition in DeWitt County, Illinois as recorded as Document No. 115315 in Book "B" of plats, beginning on Page 136 in the records of said County, described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at an iron pin approximately 42' Northeast of the Northeast corner of the CLSA Pavilion; thence South 00 degrees 59 minutes 56 seconds West 124.30 feet to an iron pin; thence South and East to a point on the East side of a rock road; thence South and East along the East side of the rock road approximately _ feet to the South side of the rock road leading to the gravel launching ramp; thence West along the South side of the rock road leading to the gravel launching ramp to the shoreline of Clinton Lake at normal pool (690' elevation); thence generally Northerly and Westerly along the meanders of said water line of Clinton Lake to a point approximately 1175 feet East of and 350 feet South of the Northwest comer of said lot H358; thence North 89 degrees 00 minutes 29 seconds East along a line 350 feet Southerly of and parallel with the Northerly line of said Lot H358 approximately 255 feet to the point of beginning. 

CLSA land area